IT Minister of Telangana, Sri KTR, experiences EYVA

Hyderabad, 04.07.23

Here's the first glimpse of the honourable Sri Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, Minister for IT, Industries and Municipal Administration, checking out EYVA! EYVA was one among 3 game-changing innovations, putting Telangana on the healthcare map.

Founder & CEO of EYVA, Mr Sunil Maddikatla introduced the gadget to him at the Medical Devices Park event in Telangana. Also present at the event was Sri Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary, Information Technology, Government of Telangana and Sri Satish Reddy, Chairman, Dr. Reddy's.

Under the visionary leadership of Sri KTR, the honourable Industries Minister, India's first 'Made in Telangana' products were unveiled during the event, EYVA being one of them.

EYVA takes centre stage at Kapil Towers, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 16.06.23

Wellness enthusiasts, tech experts and people from various walks of life gathered at Kapil Towers, Financial District, to witness the landmark innovation of EYVA. The participants were excited, they eagerly tried their hands at this revolutionary gadget.

They enthusiastically took part in our 30-second skipping challenge. Some even achieved record counts and earned themselves exciting goodies. However, the real highlight of the event was the opportunity to explore EYVA, the world's first 'no prick, no pain' wellness gadget that measures 6 vitals in just 60 seconds.

Attendees were intrigued by it and wanted to try it. Some even assessed their wellness goals and took valuable insights about their health from the event.

Top influencers & silver screen folks meet EYVA!

Hyderabad, 09.06.23

Renowned influencers, actors, and personalities from the silver screen joined us at our exclusive Team EYVA event. They immersed themselves in the unique experience of EYVA and explored our Anthea Realm.

Spotted at our Team EYVA event were Tastemaker & EYVA champion Bhavna Gupta, Yashoda-actor Divya Sripada, and influential public figures including actor-marketer Sai Swetha, Srividya Maharshi, and noted journalist-turned-marketer Pranita Jonnalagedda.

Wellness, food, and lifestyle influencers Shalini Padavala, Dr Akshaya Kasturi Reddy, Durgam Ruthwik, and Sravya Reddy also experienced EYVA's non-invasive 6-vital monitoring process, including blood glucose measurement without pricks.

Delegates from Turkey experience EYVA

Hyderabad, 05.05.23

Here's a glimpse of the day when Turkish delegates tried their hands at EYVA while visiting T-Hub, Hyderabad. Present at the occasion were Mr Sadullah Uzun, Vice-President of the Informatics and Information Security Research Center, Mr Erkan Dilaveroglu, Director of the Software Technologies Institute, Ms Zeynep Deniz Eygi, Chief Expert of Scientific Programs, and Mr Orhan Yalman Okan, Counsel General. They were quite impressed by EYVA and the Anthea Realm app. They loved using it and getting to know their vitals better. They were indeed taken in as they explored the limitless potential of EYVA and were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to measure their vitals with just a touch.

Deep Tech Summit by NASSCOM CoE IoT

Bangalore, 09.03.23

When renowned Minister & Rajya Sabha MP, Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar indulged in Eyva experience again

Mr. Chandrasekhar, a Rajya Sabha MP from Karnataka as well as State Minister for Skill Development, Entrepreneurship & Electronics and Information Technology of India, got his hands on Eyva for the second time.

He loved Eyva at first instance in 2021. And now, at the NASSCOM CoE IoT - Deep Tech Summit, held on 9 March 2023; Mr. Chandrasekhar was again all smiles and praises upon getting the #TouchOfEyva.

German Members of Parliament Experience Eyva

Hyderabad, 04.02.23

Wholesome meeting with Members of Parliment - Germany

Eyva received love and praise from beyond the borders. Indulged in a wholesome conversation with VIP German delegates at T-hub on 4th February 2023. Introduced Eyva to Mr. Tilman kuban & Jan Metzler, members of parliament, in Germany. Their delightful response upon getting their hands on Eyva meant the world to us!

G20 Meetup

Hyderabad, 28.01.23

G20/Startup20 Telangana Innovation Ecosystem Immersion

This prestigious G2O meetup plus startup showcase event by T-hub took place on 28 Jan 2023 and was attended by delegates from 20+ countries, Central Government officials from DPIIT, the Startup India team, along with the State Government.

We had the honor to introduce the Eyva experience to many renowned personalities at the startup showcase event organized by T-hub.

The 2 peak moments were when - Dr. Chintan Vaishnav, who is a Director of the Atal Innovation Mission

Senior Lecturer at MIT's Sloan School of Management and a member of the founding team of MIT Tata Center for Technology & Design, and Chris Rachal, a VIP delegate from the USA - got their hands on Eyva. Their smiling faces upon getting #TouchOfEyva is something we'll treasure about this event forever!

Skipping Challenge

Hyderabad, 19.12.22

#SkippingToTheGoodPart Challenge

Ever tried how many skips can you do in 30 secs? We did.

Many amazing people joined us for the skipping challenge at T-hub, amplified the message of 'balancing health & hustle', and made it remarkably successful.

The event took place on 19th December 2022. It was a not-so-normal day full of fun plus fitness activities. T-Hub members were curious & excited to get the #TouchOfEyva. This Eyva experience was a reminder to take care of themselves amidst the daily hectic schedule.

Full Video of the Skipping Challenge: Click Here

T-Hub 2.0

Hyderabad, 28.06.22

Eyva seized the show at the inaugural event of T-Hub, the world's largest innovation ecosystem. Excitement, wonders, and fun were all around as people immersed themselves in the striking Eyva experience.

Also, highly obliged to have Gadget Guru & Managing editor of NDTV, Rajiv Makhni getting his hands on Eyva.

Full Video of the T-Hub Inauguration: Click Here


Paris, 15.06.22

World's 1st HealthTech gadget met Europe's best tech innovation event!

Eyva has proudly represented India at VivaTech, Europe's biggest innovation, and tech event.

Also, India bagged the honor of being chosen as the first 'country-of-the-year' at Viva Tech 2022, and this made Eyva's debut in Europe more special.

What added cherry on the cake? Dr. RS Sharma, CEO, National Health Authority, Ministry of Health & Welfare, Govt of India, and Mr. Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director of Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog, too experienced Eyva.

CES 2022

Las Vegas, 05.01.22

Eyva marked a marvelous milestone in its journey with the luminous launch at CES - the world's biggest and most influential tech event held in the USA.